Our Pastor

Pastor Ronnie Cox

Pastor Cox was appointed to the Cooperstown Charge June of 2019.

Prior to coming to Cooperstown Church and Bethel Church Pastor Cox serves as a the youth director at Park United Methodist Church, Pastor Cox served as pastor of the Lake City United Methodist Church.​

Pastor Cox is a graduate of Erie First Christian Academy in Erie, Pa, and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from The Pennsylvania State University, Erie The Behrend College. It was during this time under the ministry and preaching of Reverend Dan Owen that he felt the call into pastoral ministry.

In 2017 Pastor Cox entered into Northeastern Seminary, full time, and transferred to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, full-time, in 2019 and plans to graduate with a Master of Divinity in the spring of 2022.

He believes strongly in Christian tradition and in the power of the Spirit to work in our lives. He believes his ministry and appointments have affirmed his call to ministry, while deepening his relationship with Christ and with his church, and have been a rewarding and challenging adventure.

Pastor Ronnie and Jamie are the parents of their first child Ezra, as well as their 2 dogs, Perry and Cole, and their cat Violet.

In his spare time Pastor Cox enjoys playing with his pets, kayaking, playing video games, home improvement projects, and spending time with his beautiful baby boy.